About Tracy


About Tracy –

  • I believe that there is more to the world around us than we can perceive with our five senses.
  • I believe that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe and that they are here, on Earth, now.
  • They are watching us to see if we are going to destroy ourselves, which could have dire consequences for our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy and the Universe (not to mention being really bad for Earth and humanity).
  • The Aliens, starbeings or extraterrestrials are so much more advanced than us spiritually and technologically that they are able to ‘cloak’ themselves from our perception.
  • They are here to assist us. Hopefully we will rise to the occasion.

Fun Facts

  • I am the oldest of three children. My younger brothers used to call me “sarge.”
  • Those same younger brothers once chased me around the house with a kitchen knife. This was after they realized they didn’t have to do everything I told them and stopped being my personal slaves.
  • One of my brothers threw an empty beer can at me splitting my eyebrow and requiring stitches. I think I might have been yelling up the attic stairs at him. And, no, he hadn’t been drinking. It was the 70’s when kids started beer can collections of craft beers across the country. You couldn’t get them at any grocery or liquor store like you can now.
  • I once took a personality test for a job and the test scorer told my prospective boss that I could give a drill Sargent a run for his money.
  • Another personality test I took said that I am ‘results oriented.’
  • My twenty-something son recently told me to stop ‘trying to manage’ him. ~ Do you see a pattern emerging?!?! I’ve really tried to squelch this tendency in myself over the years, but it doesn’t seem to be working!! 🙂
  • I held the indoor record for the 220 yard dash – so long ago it was before metrics – at my high school for several years.
  • If I suddenly had  free day I would plan out what I wanted to do so I would be sure to do everything I wanted. I would even plan out my relaxation time. My husband, on the other hand, likes to let things just ‘evolve.’ Sigh…
  • I speak a little French from high school and whenever we go to another country with a different language, no matter what the language is, I have an irresistible urge to speak French.
  • I don’t like to sit still and do nothing, so I often bring knitting with me. Some of my friends find it annoying…

Here’s the real bio ~

I haven’t always been a writer. Many writers kept journals when they were young and wrote stories and dreamed of becoming a writer. That was not me. But I’ve always been a voracious reader. I’ve started getting books on tape to listen to while I’m driving – I drive A LOT! I also read books on my iPad, my iphone (in a pinch – its not my first choice) and of course REAL books. So many books, so little time! I studied biology in college and thought I would be a doctor at one point. My path didn’t lead that way, but science is playing a role in my writing. I think the author who has influenced my writing the most is Madeline L’Engle who’s writing combined elements of science fiction and the spiritual. My first novel, INDIAN SUMMER, has an archeological and historical theme, and also an environmental conservation element. My second novel, THE FIELD, also has the environmental theme and delves into quantum physics and The Universal Energy Field (as well as high school soccer). I know, sounds thick, but my teenagers tell me its a good read!

I started writing when my kids began reading and I rediscovered all the books I loved as a child. I found myself developing stories of my own so I began writing novels for children and young adults. Images from my childhood growing up on Lake Michigan and the landscape of Indiana feature prominently in my novels. The themes is my books center around environmentalism and the care-taking of Earth and the connections between science and spirituality.

I live in the suburbs of Indianapolis with my husband and two children and our Jack Russell terrier, Ernie. I like gardening, reading YA novels, knitting, rummaging through junk shops, cooking and going out to eat!


Contact Tracy at tracy.rchrdsn@gmail.com